Linux LVM: Resizing and Extending for Amazon EC2

One of the things I need to do with some regularity is to resize and extend disk volumes on Amazon EC2. Since I don't deal with LVM on a daily basis I also tend to forget the steps to do it, and for whatever reason Googling around tends to produce incomplete instructions. So here is my general process for this - your mileage may vary. I assume XFS here, if you use ext2/3/4 you would use resizefs at the end instead of xfs_growfs. Without further ado, here goes:

1) Take a snapshot of the EBS volume to extend.

Apache httpd core dump instructions

I sometimes run into bugs or issues with Apache HTTPD that require having the server create a core dump file. For example, today I noticed my error_log showing this:

[notice] child pid 11413 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I found a helpful page on the Apache website with instructions. They suggest that a core dump will be generated simply by adding the following to your httpd.conf file and restarting:

CoreDumpDirectory /tmp

After adding that setting and restarting, Apache still would not dump core. Same segmentation fault, no core.

mod_fastcgi SRPM for Fedora, CentOS, RHEL

This is an SRPM package of Apache's mod_fastcgi module. It was built for Fedora 15 but should work equally well with later Fedora releases, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

Although the base mod_fastcgi license is open source, it is not compatible with the GPL/BSD/MIT so it is not directly distributed with most Linux distributions. In my case, it was created to follow a personal policy requiring all production software to be packaged and rolled out via RPM.

I am including both the SRPM and RPM file. I strongly suggest that you rebuild the RPM for your system using the software downloaded from the mod_fastcgi folks. I am not PGP signing my packages and it's a bad practice to trust compiled software downloaded from untrusted sources. 

Presentation: NewRelic RPM and Drupal

I was invited to give a talk on the NewRelic application monitoring platform by the Los Angeles High Performance Drupal group on Feb 7th. The general idea was to describe how NewRelic can provide targeted debug and performance details on a running Drupal site. The video is linked below, and I followed it up with additional details both in the linked thread on the Drupal groups site and below.

Managing Eucalyptus

So far so good with Eucalyptus. I like the base system and can now move images back and forth between Amazon and my local Eucalyptus deployment. Works quite well - the only real limit is my bandwidth. That will resolve itself with FIOS in a few weeks.

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