LinkedIn PwC Alumni - Revised Instructions

Here are the updated instructions for joining the PwC Alumni group on LinkedIn as of late 2008.
1. *** IMPORTANT *** If you did not previously work for PwC, PW, or C&L, you are not eligible for the group. This includes all of the recruiters who regularly request group access and are denied. Please don't click the link if you didn't work for the firm.
Let me state that again because it is regularly ignored.
If you did not previously work for PwC, PW, or C&L, you are not eligible for membership in the group. This includes recruiters, HR managers, people who try to join every possible LinkedIn group, etc.
Assuming you worked at one of the firms, and ONLY if you worked at the firm, click on this link. You will now be listed in the system as having a pending membership to the group.
2. Make sure your PwC work experience is on your LinkedIn profile and is visible. Some people have elected to keep it private which is fine, but you definitely need to send me an email if I can't see PwC somwhere on your profile.
3. If you do not have PwC listed on your public profile, send me an e-mail to rjb .a.t. robertjbrown .d0t. com. You will have to manually insert the @ and the . in my address - otherwise spammers will find me. Mention that you wish to join the group and also provide the name of the partner you worked with most frequently.
It will take a minimum of a few weeks to approve membership to the group. The volume of requests has grown from a few per week to close to 20 per day. There are over 3000 group members as of this post and it is becoming a very valuable resource for reaching out to former colleagues. The time it takes for approval is increased when non-PwC alums request membership in the group which is why the wording above has been highlighted.
It will not increase the speed of your approval by sending additional e-mails. All approvals are tracked in the system, so if you see it in your profile as 'pending' your request for membership has been added to the pending queue.