Social Media Privacy

I shared the following text with my organization recently for security awareness purposes. I thought it was worth posting as well.

There's a fairly new website called Foursquare. It is a free site that allows people to publish their physical location via twitter. The idea is you can tell the world you are at the movies and perhaps catch up with friends who are also in the area. Do you see where this is going yet?

An enterprising soul set up a website that correlates a realtime feed of these Foursquare twitter updates. Here is his website:

It's a realtime feed of people who are NOT at home and would be ripe targets for a burglar, taken directly from their Foursquare updates.

His website isn't designed to promote burglary - it's a privacy lesson in modern social media on the Internet. His point is that people should be more aware of the type of information they are sharing with the world and to think about it before telling the planet where you are at all times.

Something to think about as you use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Feel free to share with others and perhaps your families (and kids!)


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