mod_fastcgi SRPM for Fedora, CentOS, RHEL

This is an SRPM package of Apache's mod_fastcgi module. It was built for Fedora 15 but should work equally well with later Fedora releases, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

Although the base mod_fastcgi license is open source, it is not compatible with the GPL/BSD/MIT so it is not directly distributed with most Linux distributions. In my case, it was created to follow a personal policy requiring all production software to be packaged and rolled out via RPM.

I am including both the SRPM and RPM file. I strongly suggest that you rebuild the RPM for your system using the software downloaded from the mod_fastcgi folks. I am not PGP signing my packages and it's a bad practice to trust compiled software downloaded from untrusted sources. 

Here is what I am suggesting in more specific terms:


rpm -Uvh mod_fastcgi-2.4.6-1.src.rpm

cd rpmbuild/SOURCES

rm mod_fastcgi-2.4.6.tar.gz


cd ../SPECS

rpmbuild -ba mod_fastcgi.spec

That should leave you with a built-from-scratch RPM in your rpmbuild/RPMS directory. You can then install that package and follow the documentation on the mod_fastcgi website. Bonus tip: if you have most of your Apache modules off by default (and you should), in most cases you will also have to re-enable mod_actions to configure fastcgi to support the "Action" configuration directive.

I do not have plans to create a public yum repository of packages. If you want them, this is the only place to find them.

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