January 2010

PCI Compliance - Driving Future Security Spend

Retailers and other organizations are waking up to the need to become compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards imposed by the credit card companies. While awareness is a good thing, there is still a huge gap in both understanding of what the regulations mean and a trailing impact on security spend - especially in a few key areas. There is opportunity here for Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), Mcafee (NYSE:MFE), Websense (NASDAQ:WBSN), Attachmate, EMC (NYSE:EMC), and many other public and private security firms.

CUISPA 2010 Agenda

I'll be one of the speakers at the 2010 Credit Union Information Security Professional Association (CUISPA) conference next month in Austin, TX. The topic is "Top Issues for 2010" and is intended as an open forum and disucssion around some of our current security challenges. This post will host a placeholder for topics I plan to talk about during my session. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me with more ideas.