April 2010

Eucalyptus 1.6.2 for Fedora 12 x86_64

I'm quite interested in the Eucalyptus Cloud platform. I wanted to run it on a Fedora Core 12 amd64 platform, yet they only make RPMs available for CentOS. I corrected a bunch of things in the spec files and rolled binary RPMs for Fedora. I hope they are useful. If there is demand I'll stand up a yum repo for them as well. Please chime in with comments if you are interested in this.

Xen 3.4.3-2 for Fedora Core 12

I was interested in running Fedora Core 12 amd64 as dom0. Since the default kernel has no dom0 support, I wanted to use the myoung dom0 kernels. Unfortunately, they won't work with Xen 3.4.2 which is the latest included build in Fedora Core 12 and even Rawhide. I took the latest 3.4.3 build, rolled them into RPMs, and installed it.

Managing Eucalyptus

So far so good with Eucalyptus. I like the base system and can now move images back and forth between Amazon and my local Eucalyptus deployment. Works quite well - the only real limit is my bandwidth. That will resolve itself with FIOS in a few weeks.