CUISPA 2010 - Virtualization Workshop Slides

This is the slide deck that I used for the virtualization workshop. The actual discussion was much more open-ended in terms of audience participation. The slides are good references for a few things that were talked about. Other topics included the benefits of virtualizing a 'one of' where the ratio is one hypervisor to one guest. We also went over the order of what systems to virtualize when, both from a production support and security standpoint.

CUISPA 2010 - Top Threats Forum Slides

The following slide deck was presented during the CUISPA 2010 security conference. The talk included a broad overview of information security trends for this year, both from the perspective of threats as well as regulation. This session included significant audience participation, especially around e-mail archiving and eDiscovery.

CUISPA 2010 Agenda

I'll be one of the speakers at the 2010 Credit Union Information Security Professional Association (CUISPA) conference next month in Austin, TX. The topic is "Top Issues for 2010" and is intended as an open forum and disucssion around some of our current security challenges. This post will host a placeholder for topics I plan to talk about during my session. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me with more ideas.

CUISPA 2009 References

Enclosed are the links and references used to create the CUISPA 2009 presentation on Mobile Security.
Admob Mobile Metrics
Mobile Device Information
WAP Development Considerations

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